Our Mission & Our Story


At iNO, it is our mission to create high quality active lifestyle apparel while simultaneously fighting the stigma and misconceptions around mental illness. We believe that physical exercise is an integral part in improving mental health. 


With every item purchased, we donate $5 to Fitness For Mental Health. A not for profit organization dedicated to providing fitness as an alternative treatment for individuals struggling with mental illness. To learn more please visit:



When it comes to mental health, our founder, Dave Berry knows firsthand what it feels like to battle with your mind. Now 27, Dave first started developing symptoms of anxiety dating back to his first year in university.

"At the time, I had no idea what I was experiencing was anxiety because it was something I had never felt before. As a first year university student, it is not uncommon to have feelings of anxiety which can be triggered by the stresses of scholastic performance and a change in environment. But when my anxiety started to become debilitating, changed my thought process and how I would respond to those thoughts, I knew I was battling a mental health issue. Most people would never guess I struggled with anxiety because I've always had a smile on my face and rarely show symptoms. But the reality is, just because someone isn't showing external symptoms does't mean they're not battling something. Mental illness is often an invisible battle that people struggle with."

"After an almost ten year long battle with anxiety and intrusive thoughts, I can honestly say I have found some mental clarity. It wasn't until the spring of 2019 that the real reason for my mental health struggles were brought to light. I saw a doctor in Burlington by the name of Lawrence Komer, who specializes in concussions and its affect on hormones and mental health. I endured numerous concussions in my youth while playing hockey and I never thought it would impact my brain health years later. It turns out I had brain inflammation caused by head injuries which ultimately caused my pituitary gland to dysfunction and prevented it from producing optimal testosterone levels. Everyone's personal experience with mental health issues are different, but after starting Testosterone Replacement Therapy, following a strict supplement regimen, a good diet and meditation practice, I feel the best I have in almost a decade. At iNO, my goal is to shed light on the many misconceptions regarding mental illness, and provide potential ways to find relief because the fight is never over; you can get better."